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Gatherings for spouses – My Town 4 You invites you.

Autor: My Town 4 You

My Town 4 you invites you to a series of inter-active morning sessions that will assist you in addressing your daily local challenges. Furthermore, these events will prepare you connect more easily to your environment. Come and join us!

Welcome – Q&A: Let us know how we can be of you assistance.

Our aim is to support you whether you have burning issues, open questions or need help in a specific field. Another key objective of these gatherings is to facilitate networking with people from around the globe in a truly historical, highly scenic site, namely the Schloss Bottmingen built in the 13th century. Additionally, each gathering will address relevant topics, which have been passed on to us. Kindly let us know which topic might be of critical importance to you.

Schloss Bottmingen – Click on it for more information!

Special Topic: Swiss Public Schooling System

We will have three experts addressing different aspects of the local schooling system and can help you with your questions. Meet our Educational Consultant, Margaret Oertig author of “Going Local – your guide to Swiss schooling”, Karen Dyson, Educational Consultant and Ann Ferroni-Strattner, English teacher and special needs educator.

Connect to local: Concert – “Give a Chance” / Herbstmesse (Autumn Fair)

The second time, Yannick Hohn presents different artists at their charity concert at Union Basel. Come explore magnificent dance shows and captivating music acts. “GIVE A CHANCE” charity concert supports the village school Mbengue in Cameroon. At the same time, they introduce young dance and music newcomers. Bryan Stone, local & church historian and author, will share some background on the oldest and biggest fair of Switzerland, dating back to 1471, the HERBSTMESSE Basel.

The events will be faciliteted by:

  1. Katrin Adler, Founder of MyTown4You, Trainer & Personal Coach
  2. Chisato Morohashi Straumann, Intercultural Trainer & Coach
  3. Kaya Usher-Samayoa, Relocation Consultant


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