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My Town 4 you – makes you feel at home! Welcome to Basel, Switzerland.

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Moving to a totally new cultural environment is certainly not easy. We are there to support you during arrival, settling-in and becoming familiar with the local culture and many of the cultural offerings there are to be found in Basel and the three country corner (Author: Katrin Adler, www.mytown4you.com).

 We design unique concepts and events and help you meet other global and local residents. We provide a one-stop shop for individuals, families and develop customized solutions for companies who are dedicated to take care of their talents and their families.

Companies that understood that not only attracting but also retaining top global talents only works if their families are well and feel at home!

Basel and the Three Country Corner – in the Heart of Europe

Few other regions in Europe are as cosmopolitan as Basel. Also known as the „three country corner“, where Switzerland, Germany and France connect. Home to one of the world’s most effective life science clusters – with companies representing the full breadth of the industry. A hub of innovation and growth. The Basel success story grew from a long tradition of pharmaceutical companies: two of them are in the world’s top five.

Katrin Adler, Founder of

Here some successful stories from Basel Expats:

  1. Mr Salieu Jalloh from Sierra Leone (Westafrica). Watch his story here.
  2. Mrs Mireille Saliba from Lebanon. Watch her story here.
  3. Mr Anshul Tandon from India. Watch his story here.
  4. Carolyn Arculus from UK. Watch her story here.

About 800,000 inhabitants in the Basel region.

Over 150 nationalities. Highly qualified professionals from around the world. Around two-thirds of the local expatriates work for Basel’s large corporations. Most of this talent stays here for a few years (there are about 2,500 relocations each year). But some expatriates stay for good. Why? The high standard of living and level of security only few regions or countries can match.

Basel offers the best in cuisine and culture, leisure and education.

But that’s not all. The Three Country Corner offers the best in cuisine and culture, leisure and education. It is a Mecca for Europe’s gourmets. The Basel theatre annually presents around 30 operas, plays and ballet productions. The Burghof in Lörrach offers an amazing range of concerts, theatrical productions and more. The region’s many international employees also enhance Basel’s sports offerings: a cricket club, rugby, American football and baseball teams. Nature enthusiasts enjoy the surrounding area (Baselbiet) and the Jura hills or head north to the Black Forest and the Vosges. Local and international schools offer some of the best education anywhere.

We make you feel at home in Basel – www.mytown4you.com

Successful Relocations – a big necessity

Accepting a new position abroad primarily means moving to a higher level in business leadership. Many expatriates see the new perspectives offered as a reward and a huge chance. However, for a successful transition from the date of relocation to a strong job commitment, being quickly comfortable with your new surroundings is crucial – especially for valuable, high-profile employees and their families, who do not speak the local language. Typically, the first few weeks determine whether you like the place or not. Sixty-five percent of failed relocations result from personal difficulties in becoming familiar with the new place.* (*Brookfield Global Relocation Services, 2009). Therefore, modern HR Management has discovered the benefits of local services that go beyond the usual solutions – services that address the special needs of global citizens and that foster a satisfying work-life-balance for a higher quality of life.

Gathering for Spouses and Partners

We focus on supporting your family. We offer monthly gatherings at the Schloss Bottmingen to answer your questions, arrange useful insights on local rules, regulations and customs, facilitate networking and introduce you to something local each time. Have a look at our upcoming „gatherings for spouses“.

Intercultural coaching and training

Intercultural coaching and training? Click on the pic for more details.

How does Intercultural Coaching help? In a completely secure environment, you are able to share your concerns, and are assisted in the exploration of options that will help you gain a new perspective. You will then be able to develop your own answers and solutions that resonate with your cultural values, norms and beliefs. How does Intercultural Training help? It raises awareness of the impact of culture on international business and daily situations and introduces effective strategies for enhancing intercultural adaptation. It delivers knowledge and skills that enable people to become more productive and effective when interacting with people from different cultures.

Country Specific Training

This training is designed to provide background on history, language, and cultural patterns as well as tips for avoiding cross-cultural misunderstandings in professional and personal settings, especially for Japan, the United States and Switzerland.

Relocation 4 You

We tailor each move individually based on your specific needs and wishes. As soon as you start considering relocating to Basel we will support you by answering key questions that are relevant in making the right decision for you and your family. We work with you in developing a relocation plan that both meets your requirements, and leverages our extensive professional and personal relocation experiences.

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