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Trying to find qualified staff without utilizing E-Recruiting is like trying to bake bread without yeast.

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You won’t get the results you were hoping for. The process of posting job openings online, online personnel recruitment, job exchanges, job portals or electronic job ads – they all have changed fundamentally due to technological advancements and new possibilities.

PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG identified this development at a very early stage and consequently used the new possibilities for the benefit of their customers. Systematic E-Recruiting is our daily business.

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E-Recruiting revolutionizes the complete process

What are the advantages of online personnel recruiting?

  • Considerably reduced costs per enlistment. Expensive advertisements in the print media can often be avoided.
  • The recruitment process is clearly streamlined, shorter and faster.
  • The posting can be viewed worldwide and is available 24 hours.
  • Prospective candidates still notice the job posting even after the newspaper with the job ads has long been thrown into the waste.
  • Thanks to the very simple user interactivity, information can be exchanged very quickly.
  • Many job seekers prefer the internet and expect a modern employer to offer this medium for applications.

We cannot underestimate the customs that will change considerably in the near future and that will substantially change the personnel recruitment processes. More and more job seekers are using the new technological possibilities, which the Internet offers. Due to increased privacy provisions and precautions, even demanding right potentials, high potentials, experts and executives, who all have a legitimate right to confidentiality, choose the easy access to new professional opportunities. PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG has optimally positioned itself. Ease of access, information content, user friendliness and user-friendly interaction are important to us. For many years, we have clearly focused our target groups. Thanks to excellent links to all major and also some minor search engines, which we have meticulously maintained and retained for years, there is no way past us. Our close cooperation with renowned job exchanges strongly accentuates this position. Use our potential.

E-Recruiting is no longer considered to be newfangled falderal, but a modern way of personnel recruiting that will quickly, cost-efficiently and successfully lead to the desired results.

PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG has consistently and successfully used E-Recruiting for many years. Confidentiality and privacy are important standards when using the internet. Utilize our experience in electronic personnel recruitment. We fill your vacancy.

Trying to find qualified staff without utilizing E-Recruiting is like trying to bake bread without yeast. , 9.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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