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Life sciences, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the BioValley of the Upper Rhine and the metro city of Basel – an unbridled success.

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We have been finding the right skilled personnel for the life science, pharmaceutical and chemical industry since 1992.

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The life sciences location of Basel is the Biovalley in the trinational Euro district of Basel. A huge success story at the heart of Europe. Both its university and industrial research enjoy a worldwide reputation and their products have regularly enjoyed the status of global blockbusters. PKS Personal AG has been supporting this demanding industry for many years in the search for skilled personnel and high potential.

The chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries make up the strongest force in North West Switzerland, and especially within the Basel economy. Large, internationally successful corporations and smaller companies make up a unique industrial cluster in the North West of Switzerland, making the city of Basel and the region of North West of Switzerland a national and internationally sought-after location for life sciences, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

No other region in the world provides such a high concentration of optimally qualified specialist personnel.

The general conditions for the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have improved continuously over recent decades. Sustained investment in training and research on the part of both the authorities and the companies has made enormous improvements in Basel’s quality as a location for life sciences, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Many new, successful companies in the field of life sciences have based themselves in the region. The Basel-Upper Rhine BioValley is also experiencing ongoing growth. Several hundred specialist biomedical and biotechnology companies and research facilities in the Upper Rhine region have formed the trans-regional BioValley Network – the trinational Silicon Valley of the biotechnology industry. This association benefits from the experience of the existing centres in North West Switzerland, in South Baden and in Alsace and has since become known internationally.

This highly progressive development of the biotechnology, chemical and pharmaceutical industries has made Basel and North West Switzerland a leader in regional growth within Switzerland.

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This growth also provides other lucrative impulses for the whole country, making Switzerland even more attractive as an economic location and attracting investors from all over the world. The enormous investments in research and development increase from year to year and reflect the creative, entrepreneurial energy of these industries. Many outstanding products from the life sciences, pharmaceutical and chemical industries which were developed in Basel have gone down as blockbusters in international commercial history.

The former industrial metropolis of Basel has become a successful, innovative research city. The exceptional interdisciplinary cooperation between the universities and the corporates strengthens the location’s advantages. Basel’s chemical and pharmaceutical research today enjoys a worldwide reputation. Basel’s tremendous research and innovation energy is also reflected in the large number of Nobel Prize Winners, one of the highest patent densities in the world and cutting edge medicine at the university hospitals.

The location has many advantages. Nowhere else in the world is there such a high concentration of highly qualified experts. Basel’s reputation as a cultured, ecological, progressive, international and integrative cultural, educational and economic metropolis also extends well beyond Europe. It combines small town advantages such as manageability and familiarity with city benefits like amplitude, depth of choice and diversity.

PKS Personal AG has been specialising in the personnel search and personnel selection of specialists and high potentials for the chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industry since 1992.