Nov 23

The trinational city of Basel has a lot to offer as a high-performance Euro district.

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It is a city which attracts highly qualified individuals from all over the world.

The city of Basel is the centre of North West Switzerland. This unique border city has Germany and France as direct neighbours and is located in the midst of Central Europe. It offers interesting job opportunities for well-qualified High Potentials.

Basel’s reputation as a cultured, ecological, progressive, international and integrative cultural, educational and economic metropolis extends well beyond Europe. It combines small town advantages such as manageability and familiarity with city benefits like amplitude, depth of choice and diversity.

The city of Basel, located on the border with the two EU countries of Germany and France, combines Switzerland’s characteristic location advantages – such as exceptionally well qualified manpower, low taxation, an excellent infrastructure, a very high quality of life – with proximity to the most important markets. With its central location the metro city of Basel provides optimal accessibility for international companies, be it by air, rail, road or via the waterways. The many well-qualified professionals from the nearby South Baden and Alsace areas make personnel recruitment especially rewarding.

The large national and international concerns within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries make up the region’s economic backbone. These companies owe their international success to their high degrees of innovative energy. The metro city of Basel is one of today’s most significant international biotech locations and an important Life Sciences centre.

The ancient city of Basel is flawless, robust, youthful and dynamic.

With its common borders shared with Germany and France, Switzerland’s European city offers unlimited and appealing professional opportunities for High Potentials from all over the world. The sophisticated, outgoing and cosmopolitan TriRhena Region has a lot to offer in the way of quality of life. A city and a region which take a hold of you.