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Coaching: How Does Career Coaching Affect Your Life and Career Transition Success?

Autor: Diana Bocskai

When it comes to being successful in one’s career, many of us think that those who have a proven track record, the best educational background and international working experience are likely to achieve success easily. I often face at working with individuals in transition that many other factors can influence their job search when entering a new culture and job market (written by: Diana Bocskai, Professional Certified Career and Transition Coach,

Diana Bocskai, Professional Career and Transition Coach, Author. Click on the picture for more informations.

I often see that my clients have a fixed mindset what they believe their dream job can be or how they can get fast to their goals. No matter what career path you have and how fast you were climbing the ladder, there will always come times when you have to learn from the situation to move forward.

Take note that the many of the most successful in the world had to go through a lot of rejections and frustrations before they reached success. This is when career coaching steps in.

  • What are the main channels to find a new job in the Swiss job market ?
  • How to effectively work with recruiters ?
  • Is my CV adjusted to Swiss formats ?
  • What structure does a Swiss cover letter have ?
  • How can I successfuly brand myself ?
  • What kind of networking activities and strategies are effectively influencing my success in my job search ?
  • How do I secure a job interview and what are the most useful tips to prepare for it ?
  • What other perspectives could be defined for me according to my skills and experiences ?
  • What are the main cultural and business etiquettes and dimensions you must consider in your transition ?

These are all questions that I daily discuss with my clients as a professional certified career coach.

I believe in success and guide my clients on their way with my coaching, even if the job market in Switzerland is very competitive and not easy to understand for foreigners to enter. Below are some tips and techniques that can help you making faster achievements in your career transition.

Take actions
A professional career coach will never tell you what to do but they can guide you to make the all-important, get you active, keep you focused, give the extra help to set you on the way to a fulfilling career.

Have passion
When you have passion in life and career transition, especially if it is fueled by vision and purpose, you can go through it easier and with full of enthusiasm. When you know what you are passionate about, it becomes easier to determine what you want and how you can get it

Make yourself outstanding
You probably know how little time you have to make a first impression and how important that first impression is. Career coaching allows you to explore who you are and what are your key skills and resources to make yourself outstanding.

Prepare proper
In my work as a career coach, I partner with people to help uncover their potentials and find a way to achieve their career goals within a short time frame. This work is a process of self-discovery, addressing roadblocks, prioritizing, and creating specific actions to move them from their current career stage to the next one or to a different field or industry. Once you have made the decision to change career, you will need to take a serious look at preparation how to achieve your career objectives.

Life is about changing and one of the hardest lessons in life is change. Whether it is for private or career reasons. Change is never easy. Career coaching can help you identify the issues that might be stopping you from pushing yourself to achieve your goals to stay highly motivated in your transition, keep you being strucutured, save you time in identifying key resources, make you open up to new directions, train you to market yourself and can positively affect your life and career success.

Diana Bocskai, Professional Certified Career and Transition Coach,