Apr 25

Simple Clarity: Clarity is power and key to any level of success. It’s as simple as that.

Autor: Paula Näff

The opposite of clarity is ambiguity and obscurity. It’s like being at a crossroads with multiple roads to choose from, not knowing where you’re headed.

If you don’t know where you need to go, how do you know which road to choose? Your mind is overwhelmed with too much information to choose from. Too many decisions to make. All at once.

Where does overwhelm come from?

It comes from not knowing what you’re supposed to be doing at any given moment. It comes from thinking that you have to be doing at least seven different things all at the same time, which then prevents you from doing even one. It comes from a lack of clarity on many levels at the same time.

Living based on other people’s expectations leads to overwhelm.

Overwhelm creates stress and permanent stress potentially leads to burnout. Performance decreases, results suffer. You make hasty and less optimal decisions when you are under a lot of stress. An overall sense of not being able to focus or achieve anything increases. There’s this internal sense of nervousness, like you can’t switch off. It’s like you have to constantly try to figure out who you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to show up at all moments of time.

Creating clarity is like a magic pill. The drug you need to take to break the bubble of overwhelm. The bubble of burnout. Stop the cycle that has the potential to drag you further down, into depression.

It’s simple, but not necessarily a walk in the park. Unless you are walking in a park that has a maze and forests, ponds, meadows, sandy landscapes, hills and wetlands … an adventure.

So, what is Clarity?

The dictionary defines clarity as “freedom from indistinctness and ambiguity”. In other words it is knowing where you are right now, which direction you are heading as well as what and who is important to you as a person right now; in your personal life, business and work.

Clarity is having answers to the questions that caused overwhelm in the first place.

It’s simple. It’s focused.

Just imagine starting your day with an absolutely clear mind. You KNOW what your priorities are, how you need to show up at work, for your business, with your family. Most importantly you know exactly who you are and what you need to do in order to hold your energy, move forward and be supportive of others.

Does this sound like some kind of a far away dream? Something that comes from books written by people, who have no idea what it’s really like in the “real world” with increasing work pressure and screaming kids?

Hold on.

I would like to make the claim that the above level of clarity is absolutely possible. For everyone. It is not an illusion or something only reserved for some “enlightened” group of humans.

It takes a decision and dedication to create permanent positive change. That’s really it. A decision to prioritize YOU before anyone else. An exploration of your values and priorities, and creating boundaries. It’s simple, yet I’m not saying it’s easy.

Creating clarity is a process that requires discipline and willingness to take action, often uncomfortable action. It’s a process that requires you to look yourself in the eye, hold a mirror in front of you.

Let go. Move on. Grow.

However, it is a process. Only a process. Nothing more and nothing less. Mission possible. A process that results in more joy, balance, success, happiness and peace in your life, at every level.

Clarity is burnout prevention, depression prevention and a key to success.

What is your first step in creating simple clarity? Paula Naeff ¦ +41 76 505 6309 ¦ contact@timthisisme.com ¦ www.timthisisme.com