Jul 5

10 Key Characteristics for a Successful Employee On-boarding.

Autor: www.serendi.com

Employee on-boarding is the very last step of most of the organizations’ recruitment processes.

Knowing that the first 18 months of work is the most vulnerable period to leave for new hires and a third of the newly hired managers fail at their job or role*, employee on-boarding should not be underestimated. It has indeed, many positive impacts on the following:

  • new hire performance on the job
  • employee engagement and satisfaction
  • speed to competency

As a matter of fact, on-boarding programs also help increase the visibility of new hires, as well as internal communication with them. Moreover due to enhanced employee engagement we can often observe improved customer satisfaction out of it.

Following are the 10 characteristics to gather in order to reach an effective employee on-boarding and be able to improve the above mentioned elements:

  1. On-boarding Processes should align, assimilate, integrate and transition new employees.
  2. Programs should work towards building relationships between new hires and their peers or experienced colleagues.
  3. On-boarding should be tailored to specific job positions.
  4. You should be able to demonstrate the value of on-boarding to the organization in terms of employee speed to competency and retention.
  5. Each on-boarding should last a defined period of time.
  6. It should be a personalized interactive experience.
  7. It should focus on integrating and socializing employee into the organization’s culture.
  8. It should be available to all new employees.
  9. During on-boardings regular communication should be applied in simplified workflows.
  10. There should be a managerial involvement in each on-boarding experience

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