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Many businesses would be struggling without any commercial expertise.

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The commercial world of work has changed. Due to the unstoppable technological advancement and the strong internationalization of the commercial environment, many job descriptions have changed significantly, have been newly created or disappeared altogether. However, the attractiveness of the variety of commercial jobs remains unchanged. Without commercial experts and executives, the economy would stagnate.

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The drastic, fundamental changes in the commercial world cannot be overlooked and are unstoppable. There is not one day that goes by without showing a new technological possibility to perform commercial tasks even faster, more efficiently and effectively.

Productivity, effectiveness and efficiency have changed dramatically in some job descriptions. The constant increase of the dynamics of work processes has not only ’streamlined‘ organizations, but also evidently increased the pressure to be more productive and efficient. The escalating substantial flattening of organizations and hierarchies contribute to the fact that jobs with classically supporting functions like secretaries or assistants are undergoing significant changes.

Managers often plan their travels themselves and make arrangements via the internet. They prepare documents themselves and do not require any further assistance. Finance and accounting systems have become very specialized as well. Due to more and more internationalized, legal regulations, more and more influential fiscal and accounting rules and other concomitants, this specialized area has become remarkably demanding and comprehensive.

Human Resources Management has also been adjusted to the new requirements. It has changed drastically over the last few years and is now considered to be an independent specialty area in many companies. The days when it might have been incorporated in the IT department or bookkeeping are long gone and have made room for modern-day management needs.

The commercial world is changing constantly. Nothing remains the same. Reforms and changes also influence the commercial education system. They have clearly added to and strengthened the competencies of graduates of commercial schools.

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Have commercial jobs become obsolete in the general professional world? By no means! Experts in the commercial field are absolutely essential for most companies. Over the last few years, however, the professional expectations in this occupation group have increased above average.

Commercial experts still manage to meet those expectations as well as the demands of employers. The reforms of basic vocational training and the perfectly structured in-service training system, have clearly realized the demand for ‚best practice‘, focusing on core competencies and continuing education. New findings, requirements and also technologies are therefore quickly incorporated into the continuing education system and immediately implemented in daily professional life by the graduates.

Commercial services will continue to strongly dictate daily economic routines in the future. This occupation group possesses a stupendous ability to adjust to new demands. The personnel consultants at PKS Personal AG attend to the commercial sector very intensely. No matter if personnel search, screening or selection – we know what we are talking about. Since 1992.

Experts in the commercial field are a dominant and integral part of every economy. Since 1992, PKS Personal AG has been specialized in searching, screening and selecting experts and High Potentials for all commercial jobs. Personnel recruiting is our daily business. We fill your vacancy!