Aug 19

‘Personnel service providers can be persistent, pushy, and are only out for the fast deal…’

Autor: PersonalRadar

A statement that got us thinking. Too often, the truth is closer to reality than we prefer. Present-day personnel consulting is more and more subject to a new quality standard. The requirements increase. The wheat is separated from the chaff. And that is a good thing. The more competent and committed your personnel service provider is, the fewer costs you will incur.

Personnel consulting, quo vadis?

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‘Do personnel service providers offer a verifiable economic benefit?’, is a question that is asked quite often. ‘With all the technological possibilities that are available now and will be available in the future, isn’t there a way to considerably shorten the recruitment process, to keep the costs at a moderate level, and to do the work ourselves?’ is often added on a side note.

Personnel recruitment has in fact changed fundamentally. With new technological, methodical as well as psychological tools, personnel consulting, personnel search, personnel selection and the entire human resources management (HRM) can be handled as efficiently and as fast as possible and at attractive prices. The noticeable underlying ethics that shapes modern-day professional life, does not leave much time. Extensive thinking about actions and consequences is losing its importance. Thoughts don’t have any room to grow and mature.

However, the irritating trend to view everything from an economic point of view is leading into the wrong direction.

Will technology and methodology replace personnel service providers?

Recruiting technologies and methods for personnel search and personnel selection could, admittedly, be simplified, optimized, improved and refined. At best, the savings could even be significant. There are even the technological means to produce the keypads on cell phones ultra small. However, there is no way to reduce the size of human fingers.

In spite of all the developments in economies worldwide, in societies and working processes, humans – with their individual imprinting and basic composition – have not changed considerably over the last few millennia from an evolutionary-biological point of view. The basic human genetic code is still controlling in many areas of life. Therefore, the social, direct and immediate contact between humans is an existential need. Economically optimized recruiting processes run the risk that the focus is only on procedures, however, the human being falls by the wayside and his or her personality doesn’t receive the same chance for development as it would with direct human contact.


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The direct but structured contact between applicants and recruiters during interviews with its complex and colorful ways of expressing oneself offers a far greater scope for a reliable assessment and evaluation. The personnel consultants at PKS Personal AG also use technical tools and optimized screening methods, because they are helpful and useful.

However the only way to correctly interpret direct conversations, subtle interactions, spontaneous body language, moods, psychological irregularities in behavior and other crucial ‘soft’ information is through direct contact between human beings. As a modern, open-minded personnel service provider, we, too, use contemporary methods and technologies that cannot replace a personal conversation, but that can complement and support it with those diagnostic tools. It is the only way for us to offer accurate, high-quality personnel services that provide noticeable relief at the right time and that provide an economic benefit.


What do you earn with our services personnel consulting, personnel recruitment, personnel search and personnel selection? The proactive recruitment of highly skilled applicants will remain a challenge in employee or employer-oriented markets. Frequency and cadence of applications cannot be considered unambiguous parameters. Just because an offer is particularly attractive it doesn’t mean that necessarily the right applicants will apply. In addition, qualifications are not the one true standard anymore. Soft factors like personality, character, social compatibility, loyalty etc. are criteria that have become more and more important for successful companies. Recruitment processes are expensive. It is far more affordable to trust a competent partner who recruits for you and presents only a few, but suitable candidates. You save time. You can dedicate your time to your main tasks. You make money.