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The importance of numbers remains unchanged.

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They are the essential instrument for managing and controlling a business. Even the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras believed that the universe was based on the power of numbers.

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Finance and accounting, controlling, bookkeeping and billing are essential instruments for managing and controlling a business. The determination of new strategies, the conquest of new markets or the acquisition of new business opportunities – they all require conclusive facts that support existentially important decisions. Only very well qualified professionals in the respective areas of expertise are able to meet those requirements. We have been finding the right specialized personnel on all levels for you since 1992.

The world’s first accounting systems were developed in 9000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. It was a long way until the development of double-entry accounting in the 13th century in Northern Italy and the sophistication of finance and accounting by the Fugger family dynasty. However, long gone are the days of traditional, dusty trading posts. Nowadays, corporate accounting, controlling, finance and accounting, bookkeeping and financial management are becoming increasingly dominant and important. Those specialty areas assume more and more advisory functions in adjacent fields and exert influence on business processes that cannot be underestimated.

Their importance is substantially increasing due to progressively legalistic and rigid international regulations and drastic national regulations.

The request of the public and of investors for transparent performance figures, the enormous cost pressure due to agile competitive markets, and the streamlining and downsizing of operational processes, tangible materials and employees call for instruments that promote the decision-making process. In situations like that, the management has to be able to rely on a well-founded base that is accurate and anticipates further corporate developments.

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Since 1992, we have recruited experts for the following areas:

  • Controlling
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Business Financing
  • Billing
  • Taxes
  • Audit
  • Trust
  • Finance & Analysis

Finance and accounting, controlling, bookkeeping and billing – they are all essential instruments for managing and controlling a business. The complexity is unstoppably and continuously increasing due to exogenous and endogenous factors like national and international laws and regulations, supranational organizations, political interventions and restructuring measures. Since 1992, PKS Personal AG has specialized in recruiting and selecting experts, right and high potentials for the finance and accounting sector. Our personnel consultants have the right skills and expertise. Personnel recruitment is our daily business. We fill your vacancy!