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The Key to a Successful Job Search: Networking.

Autor: Diana Bocskai

Whether you are unemployed or currently working, networking will give you a competitive edge in your job search. The power of networking can work for you!

Surely your success should be based on your strengths and experience, not on who you know. Actually, most jobs are filled via word of mouth, so your next job is most likely going to come to you from a lead or someone you know. It is crucial to do the research and gather all the information you can via contacts with those within the profession you’re interested in.

The Key to a Successful Job Search: Networking!

Career experts state, and so do I, that job networking today is more important than ever to secure the job you really want. Your network can be a competitive advantage if you know how to capitalize on it correctly.

Diana Bocskai, Professional Career and Transition Coach, Author. Click on the picture for more informations.

While conducting your job search, you can use the power of networking to meet industry leaders and land a job in the company you want to work for. Having personal and professional contacts is the key to career success. People are most often hired through their good connections and who they know via the “grapevine.” Networking with the right people can help you get the job advice you need to succeed.

Your network is EVERYONE you know. And by that I really mean everyone. Be prepared to ask people if they are aware of any suitable job vacancies. Discover how big your network really is and consider effective startegies to expand it. This will lead you to key contacts and get referrals. Getting people to refer you or advocate on your behalf is critical.

Networking is hard but it is worth learning the power of networking to put yourself on the the path to job search success.