Jul 4

Tune your career mindset in!

Autor: Diana Bocskai

Your career mindset, the mental image of your career path and patterns starts to shape in your childhood, when you ask what you want to do as a grown up. It is strongly related to early childhood socialization where norms and values are formed. The traditional way of our mindset fix to a 3 step phases. Go to school, work and get ritered.

As you climb the career ladder, you will automatically face resistance that can cause changes in progressing forward. It is a normal psychological reaction to adjust our behaviour and attitude to change as it is not possible to progress further in a lineal fashion. Our career mindset is remarkably resistance to change.

Learning about coping startegies can help you to tune in your career mindset. It is worth challenging it to be able to come up with new possible pathes and have a better understanding of past achievements, present situation and future goals. Keeping track of all can be overwhelming. However there are easy steps to get organized and stay on top of all your activities and career threats.

Below is a list of strategies how to have a positive impact on your own mindset to make yourself successful in challenging phases of your career.

Downsize your career priorities

I often observe working with clients that they have hard time realizing that their current career mindset does not cut their actual situation. Always keep in mind that is crucial to be clear on your success stories, preferencies and career objectives. Be open to adjust your career mindset in order to get focused and progress.

Challenge your traditional mindset

Not everyone can show upward mobility and if there is no hope of a higher status or you are forced out of job, do not forget it is worth taking a step back. Plan your activities, define your resources, prepare and be flexible to open to new perspectives.

Be self-directed

Diana Bocskai, Professional Career and Transition Coach, Author. Click on the picture for more informations.

If you adopt the traditional career mindset you may believe there is no choice for you. You may feel you have to go through those tarditional 3 boxes and that your life is controlled by them. I motivate my clients to take over controll and see your career as self-controlled. Identify your values and match with your career objective. Once again, get a clear structure and define your own startegy. This is when career coaching can step in.

Nowdays, jobs are hard to find and keep. Let’s challenge our career mindset and fine tune it. You will automatically will take the first step to get benefits and progress faster and more effectively in your career transition.