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Basel, the City of Medicine, is the first choice for many patients from all over the world, when it comes to high-quality medical care.

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Basel, as a Center for Medicine, is an important provider of medical services for Switzerland, the trinational Eurodistrict and for the rest of the world. Another success story in the heart of Europe. The medical research enjoys an international reputation.

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For many years, PKS Personal AG has assisted the demanding Medical and Health Care sector in finding and selecting medical and health care experts. Of course, our personnel consultants in charge of the Medical field all have completed professional medical training. Personnel recruitment is our daily business. We fill your vacancy!

As early as 1527 to 1528, Paracelsus, the famous physician of the city of Basel, was officially permitted to hold lectures at the Faculty of Medicine at Basel University that were well attended. Contrary to what was customary at the time, he lectured in German and not in Latin. Since then, human medicine has undergone significant changes. The Vision of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Basel is to create a University Center for Medicine that focuses on excellent services, teaching and research.

 Specialized medicine and care have become a very important economic factor in Switzerland. The Medical fields have shown above-average growth in recent years and have become very important providers of demanding jobs and highly specialized medical services that are increasingly influential in the Swiss work environment.

(image source: www.pixabay.com, photographer: Engin Akyurt)

Basel has a long tradition of medical research and nursing sciences. Many of their findings and latest research results contribute to the fact that diseases all over the world can be battled more effectively and to highly specialized care that shortens the healing process due to its purposeful approach.

Medical research fosters a close interdisciplinary collaboration with the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. Conglomerates with worldwide success and a multitude of smaller companies create a unique cluster of research in Northwest Switzerland for the benefit of our health.

With an ever aging society due to demographic influences and the highest standard of medical care, the health care system and medical providers will face severe challenges in the future. As will staffing service providers, who have committed to personnel search and selection for the demanding field of Medical and Health Care.

Due to the accentuated as well as forcibly growing commodification of high-quality medical care, the need to deliver as many medical services as possible for as little money as possible increases year by year, especially since the pressure by health insurance companies and their insured does not decrease. Together, academic as well as non-academic experts, managements in hospitals and health care institutions, nursing staff and para-medical sub-industries will have to face many new and challenging developments. Health economics will gain influence in the future, and, together with the medical and pharmaceutical industry will have to enter new territory in order to sustainably drive efficiencies by means of interdisciplinary research, teachings, medical treatments and care.

Thanks to this dynamic evolvement of medical providers and the high quality of basic services, Basel and Northwest Switzerland have become a regional growth leader in Switzerland. Even in the medical field. The huge investments in research and development keep growing year by year and reflect the inventive and entrepreneurial strength of this region.

Since 1992, PKS Personal AG has been specializing in the search and selection of academic and non-academic experts in the medical and health care sector. Our personnel consultants in charge of the Medical field have many years of experience in your field and speak your language. Personnel recruitment is our daily business. We fill your vacancy!