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Engineering defines our existence in all situations of life.

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From electric tooth brushes, flywheels in machines or washing machines – the basic principles of mathematics, physics and logic, which represent the essence of engineering, can be found in everything.

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Engineering is usually considered an applied science. Of course, it includes comprehensive fundamental research. However, the declared main focus and core competence clearly lie in the practical implementation of scientific findings and in methods for the realization of technically mature products. Engineering also plays an important role in the industrial community of Northwestern Switzerland.

The invention of high-capacity computers fundamentally renewed the versatile engineering technologies. Due to constructive assumptions, for example, the reactions of atomic structures, substances, characteristics of materials, and other things can be anticipated with the help of computers and software-controlled simulations.

Hence, costly misguided developments can be avoided thanks to theoretic-constructive platforms. Software-controlled simulations have replaced many process steps and provide fast and more cost-efficient results. Therefore, field-tested applications are executed more closely to technical limitations more frequently than in the past.

With all the positive consequences. Engineering is unmistakably influenced by the general microeconomic framework. In order to be fit for the global competition, engineering, too, requires cost-efficient methods, which legitimize the right of existence of each and every company.

Skilled engineers are needed and utilized in all specialist areas: mechanical engineering, the construction of thermal and hydrologic power plants, structural calculations of buildings, the planning of nuclear facilities, the exploration of nanotechnological novelties, the use of metallurgic niche materials in medical engineering or technological life science specialties.

The PKS Personal AG has dedicated its processes for personnel recruitment and selection to those different specialist areas.

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Good approaches are often stifled in technocratic procedures that follow the „trial-and-error principle“ and are based on the experiences of causal-logical plausibilities. The search for personnel, and also the systematic recruitment of engineering experts, is often subject to irrational influences. Due to many years of experience and an excellent reputation, PKS Personal AG has, since its inception in 1992, enjoyed the undivided confidence of the local industries and job-seeking engineers.

Experts are absolutely essential for engineering and excellently developed industrial locations like Northwestern Switzerland, because they contribute to the economy’s added value with their highly skilled expertise. For many years, the PKS Personal AG has been entrusted with search requests for such high potentials. Personnel recruitment is our daily business. We fill your vacancy!