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The city of Basel is Switzerland’s Number 1 when it comes to logistics, freight forwarding and supply chain management.

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The Basiliensis region is Switzerland’s most important logistics region. The trinational Euro district, together with the region of TriRhena and the cities of Basel, Mulhouse (France) and Freiburg in Breisgau (Germany), has led to the development of a core logistics region.

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Basel is the undisputed logistics and freight forwarding capital of these trans-regional service providers. PKS Personal AG has been actively supporting this key industry from the very beginning. Our personnel consultants all have basic training and professional experience in the freight forwarding industry. The trinational Euro district offers Europe’s highest concentration of well-qualified freight forwarding and logistics experts.

The trinational Euro district of Basel and the TriRhenia region encompass the area comprising the city of Basel and the North West Switzerland region, Mulhouse (F), Colmar (F) and Freiburg (D), where around 2.5 million people live. This trans-regional hub is unique in Europe and provides important logistical parameters for some of the largest freight forwarding and logistics enterprises in the world. The central location and the confluence of rail, road and shipping routes have provided especially beneficial conditions for the freight forwarding and logistics industry. The nearby airport, the north-south axis which is heavily utilised by the international railways, the Rhine, via which a large proportion of strategically important raw materials are transported and the exceptional road network facilitate this development.

Further features of the Basel region are the undisputed high quality of its infrastructure and the availability of numerous freight forwarding specialists with the corresponding skills and training in the field of logistics.

As a border location Basel also plays an important role for customs formalities. Well-trained customs declarants and competent customs authorities continue to be an important prerequisite for the smooth flow of commercial traffic over the border. A number of renowned freight forwarding and logistics companies who are also members of leading international groups have their headquarters in the Basel region. Furthermore, many medium-sized and smaller companies providing not only freight forwarding and logistics but also additional services such as warehousing, transport consultancy, etc are also based in North West Switzerland.

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Many companies operate their own terminals which benefit from the road, rail and waterway connections and which are often operated from the same location as the administration. Given the concentration of logistics companies in this region, it is certainly no coincidence that Basel is also the headquarters of Spedlogswiss, the association of Swiss freight forwarding and logistics companies. The rail cargo traffic with the new Euro hub in Basel-Muttenz is also a European hub of key importance for transportation along the North/South axis. It is here – directly in the Rhine harbour – that the transfer from rail to ship takes place, as well as that from road to ship.

The many internationally renowned trade shows such as Art Basel, for example, require more and more highly specialised trade show logistics experts who are able to provide services for an extremely demanding client base.

The city of Basel, located on the border with the two EU countries of Germany and France, combines Switzerland’s characteristic location advantages – such as exceptionally well qualified manpower, low taxation, an excellent infrastructure, a very high quality of life – with proximity to the most important markets. With its central location the metro city of Basel provides optimal accessibility for international companies, be it by air, rail, road or via the waterways. The many well-qualified freight forwarding, logistics und supply chain professionals from the South Baden and Alsace areas make personnel recruitment especially rewarding.

Not only does the Basel area have numerous professional options on offer for well-qualified freight forwarding personnel, when it comes to quality of life Basel’s reputation as a cultured, ecological, progressive, international and integrative cultural, educational and economic metropolis extends well beyond Europe. It combines small town advantages such as manageability and familiarity with city benefits like amplitude, depth of choice and diversity.

PKS Personal AG has been specialising in the personnel search and personnel selection of specialists and high potentials for the freight forwarding and logistics industry.